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We envision a world where surgery is safe. Where surgeons
can visualize what they’re operating on without having to worry about removing
and cleaning their lens, and where patients benefit for it.

Optimizing the cleaning process

Using image prediction, images are actively sharpened in real-time. Cleaning events are delayed, minimizing the number of events and the time spent cleaning.

Clean at the right time

The cleaning process is automatically engaged though contamination detection algorithms. The lens is consistently cleaned at the right time reducing distractions and frustration.

Maintain clear vision

Frame prediction algorithms are used to predict the next image during a cleaning event so it is as if the cleaning event was not taking place. This reduces disruptions & provides a constant flow of clear images.

our team

Sharif Natheir

data scientist and cto

Sharif has an MSc in Experimental Surgery and has completed his fellowship in Surgical Innovation. He has expertise in the medical sciences, machine learning, and web development.


Amy lorincz

management expert and ceo

Amy holds an BEng and is currently pursuing her MSc in Experimental Surgery at McGill.


salam bouhabel

clinical scientist coo

Salam holds an MSc


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